Story Matters

Managing and producing video content is one of the assignments I crave the most.  I produce content from storyboards through completion. 

Documentary style content is a powerful way to control your narrative.  It is much easier to discuss difficult subjects in film than other forms of communication.  My goal is to keep your audience engaged and reinforce information you want viewers to remember.

In the film below was shown at a corporate event & conference.  My assignment was to tell the story of the stadium’s construction and the root causes of it’s structural damage.  The story was developed through a series of interviews and research.

Video Production

Video is a powerful tool to build excitement and consumer engagement with your brand.  Documentary content helps viewers connect emotionally with your brand message and get people thinking about your business.

I produce content that speaks to your audience and communicates your values, services and message via branded content, commercials, corporate videos and online content.  With a passion for storytelling I create unique content for marketing, branding, social media, and digital distribution.

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